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Online communication

You don't need to travel to your accountant anymore. We handle every case online. Naturally we can drink a coffee together if you want some personal connection.

Digital invoicing

Use your phone or laptop to issue invoices. No printing needed and you can accept credit cards as well.

Start fast

In no more than a day you can issue your first invoice. The best of it is that you shouldn't leave your living room for this.

How can I be an entrepreneur?

We will help you through the whole process.

    1. Pre-check

    Do you really need an accountant? In a short phone call we will find it out. This pre-check is naturally free of charge. In this step you will tell us about your business model and situaton as well.

    2. Consulting

    We will talk in this step about the details of your business. After the conversation we will send you the detailed tax estimation, and what taxation opportunity will be ideal for you.

    3. Registration to Online Citizen Portal of Hungary

    Every entrepreneur need to register to the Online Citizen Portal personally by the law. If you don't have access we will arrange you a time slot, so you don't have to wait in the office.

    4. Registration to state administration offices

    For this step all we need is you signatures, everything else is handled by us. You will get the state issued tax number, what will be valid in the whole European Union. We will register you in the local government tax office and to the chamber of commerce as well.

    5. Set up the invoicing software and personal client portal

    All of our clients are issuing digital invoices, so they don't have to keep huge amount of paper for years. We provide for all of them secure personal client portal. They can reach there all necesarry documents and information to run the business.

    6. You are ready for business!

    Finally you can do what brings cash. Just issue your invoices, we take care about your state-related tasks.

Who are we?

Members of a new accountant generation.

We grew up in the online world, so it feels familiar for us. Digital invoice? Of course. Video chat? Sure. Online store? Let's do it!

You don't have to understand neither accounting nor taxation. We will teach you. Oh, and we will make you remember to the lessons, so you won't forget anything. Our team is specialized in beginners and solo entrepreneurs. We are happy to help them and believe me, you need it. Yes, we know that the beginners have a lot of tasks, issues, and thing to learn. So this is the place, where we can make a lot of peoples life much easier with our service.

Our team doesn't have an office or secretary, so you don't have to pay them. No worries, we can rent a meeting room where you want, for example in the middle of Budapest. You don't need to visit us at the end of the month with invoices, just send a photo of them online. To be honest, we don't have to meet at all, if you don't want to. We will be always in the background helping so you can do what makes cash.

We hope, that the entrepreneurship will be a considerable option in Hungary for everybody. So that is why we want to make the daily life of the entrepreneurs easier and comfortable.

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Tibor Sipos

Entrepreneur taxation specialist and accountant


without VAT registration

90 € monthly

With yearly payment: 80 € monthly

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with VAT registration

150 € monthly

With yearly payment: 130 € monthly

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